Norman’s Top Requested Topics:

How to Use the Odds to Your Favor
Gamblers see the world in a much different way than most people. Much of life and business is about risk, but how and when you take those risks, and what information and slant you make them with – means the difference in winning and losing. Sometimes, in very large ways. In this powerfully insightful message, Norman shares…
  • The difference between looking at and seeing the world
  • Why a gambler uses odd and sometimes outrageous resources to make decisions
  • How not to give away your “ticks” or “tells”
  • How to read people in an entirely new way
  • When the “juice” isn’t worth the “squeeze”

Alternately funny and moving, Norman’s ability to share real-world stories that audiences connect to is part of why organizations invite him back again and again.

What Cheaters and Honest People Teach Us About Winning, Losing, and Life
As a master bridge player, former cop, and someone whose job it is to not just spot a cheater, but systematically think of every conceivable way someone could unfairly rig a win in one of the thousands of contests he’s overseen, Norman knows a thing or two about the human mind. In this message, Norman shares…
  • Why some will risk everything and others nothing
  • What your reputation means in the big picture
  • How to spot people’s “tells’ that give them away
  • The difference between a gamble, a bet, and a wager (and why that matters)

Norman’s candor, honesty, and ability to share the true-life stories of people on both ends of the honesty spectrum will have your audience eager for more. He’s charming. Funny. And most of all – REAL.

Norman has spent much of his adult life in and around the gambling world. While he can sling the lingo, and expertly deal hands with the best of them – he doesn’t play the lottery. Or bet on sports. Or take anything less than 50/50 chance. You won’t find him behind a roulette wheel or blackjack table in any casino. The reasons behind that and the lessons gleaned from watching others sit in those hot seats are quite literally MAGIC for his audiences.

Norman Beck has been wowing attendees at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting with his constantly evolving show. I can enthusiastically praise his handiwork! – Warren E. Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway



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