Speaker, Storyteller, and Gaming Expert Norman Beck helps audiences not just LOOK at the world, but truly SEE it.

Life and business involve a continuing series of bets. With just 51% success you can do pretty well. But with Gambling Expert and Speaker Norman Beck on your team, you can significantly shift the odds to always be in your favor.


Norman’s messages deliver the perfect balance between poignant perspectives, powerful stories — and pure MAGIC that move audiences to stop rolling the dice with their lives – and start taking the positive action that will transform their futures. They’ll learn to take their BEST SHOT by betting on the winners and doing what’s most likely to PAY OFF. They’ll walk away with a fresh take on winning, losing, and risk – and in some sessions – one lucky audience member can walk away with $25,000!*

Norman Beck has been wowing attendees at our annual meeting with his constantly evolving show. I can enthusiastically praise his handiwork! – Warren E. Buffet

Take the gamble out of the success of your next event. Learn how Norman Beck can inspire, delight, and engage your next audience with his incredible storytelling, hints of spellbinding magic, and a message that will leave people changed forever.


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